Request mini loan – Borrow direct money, honestly and reliably

Requesting a mini-loan is child’s play. You can request a mini loan online easily and quickly.


There are various providers for these mini-loans. Long ago it was with the mini- loans that borrowing money within 10 minutes without BKR testing was still possible. Even if you were going to the mini-loan for the first time. Nowadays, however, this works differently. Requesting a mini-loan can be arranged within a few minutes.
However, it takes a bit longer for the money to be in your account when you request a mini loan for the first time. You have to take into account a minimum processing time of about 24 hours. In many cases, however, you also have to pay extra for this.

Where can you request a mini-loan

There are a number of providers of mini-loans. In the past the number was bigger. Now the number is limited to a few providers.The differences in working methods between these providers are large. Watch this if you are going to apply for a mini loan. Of course, requesting a mini-loan is always free of charge. Always pay attention to the fact that you are well aware of the costs of the various providers of the mini-loan.

Are there alternatives for a mini-loan application?

A mini loan application is certainly not the most advantageous solution for a loan. It is therefore good to check whether there are alternatives to a mini-loan. If you do not have negative BKR registrations, there may in many cases be alternatives. An “ordinary” revolving credit or a personal loan is much cheaper than the mini loans. Where you have substantial one-off costs for a mini loan, you do not have this with a revolving credit. With a mini loan you always pay the highest interest rate of 14% at this time. In addition, you pay the one-off costs for these mini-loans. These costs are roughly estimated at least 40% of the loan. If you take out a mini loan of € 500, -, the costs can rise to € 200, -. You must therefore repay € 700 within 30 days.
With a revolving credit you only pay the costs of the interest on the loan. These costs are many times lower. Because you only have to pay the interest for the loan.