Mini loan – Borrow direct money with a mini loan

One of the fastest ways of borrowing money is to take out a mini loan.

Close miniature

A mini loan is a small loan up to € 800, -. You have to repay this € 800, – in full within a period of 30 or 45 days. Including any additional costs. Closing a mini-loan can be a solution if you need a relatively small amount at lightning speed. However, you should bear in mind that additional costs will be incurred with the mini-loan. These can be costs in the form of a guarantee, but additional costs as handling costs can also be charged to you. Despite the relatively high costs, a mini-loan remains very popular. And that has a number of different reasons. This, incidentally, despite all the opposition from the AFM (Financial Markets Authority), which concludes a mini-loan certainly does not consider it in the interests of the customer, but more in the interests of the provider of the mini-loans that earn a lot of money.


Close miniature? A loan without a hassle

Closing a mini loan is generally a loan without any hassle. There is no BKR review and the mini-loan can be provided very quickly. It is a money loan where it is even possible to have the money in your account within a few minutes. Especially if you are already an existing customer with a certain provider.
If you have already signed a mini loan, and you request a mini loan from this provider again, borrowing within 10 minutes is even feasible. In the latter case, if you are already a customer of one of the providers of the mini-loans, taking out a mini-loan is really a loan without any hassle. It is not necessary to provide only one additional document. No paperwork and still a loan.

 Close miniature and the BKR

Closing a mini loan is borrowing money without BKR testing and registration. In fact, you simply have nothing to do with the BKR when you take out a mini loan. The providers of mini-loans are not affiliated with the BKR. They can therefore not do any testing, nor can you register your loan. As a result, a negative BKR review will never get in the way of being able to take out a loan.
In order to be able to make BKR assessments and to register a loan with the BKR, the credit institution must be affiliated to the BKR. This is also one of the reasons why the mini-exercises are so rapidly gaining popularity. With a negative BKR registration it is extremely difficult to get a loan. The mini-exercises make this possible.

Also compare compare with a mini-loan

Just as with taking out a revolving credit or a personal loan , it is also important to compare a lot with a mini- loan . Comparing loans, and therefore also mini loans, can save you tens of up to a hundred euros or even more. Certainly on a relatively short duration as with a mini-loan, that is of course very quickly earned!