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Merge loans – Borrow direct money, honestly and responsibly.

Collecting loans can save you a lot of money.

Merge loans

If you are going to take out a loan, it is therefore wise to look directly at your other current loans. Are you often debit on your payment account? Do you pay per month to the Wehkamp and to your Credit Card? Then chances are that you have done a lot of money in the past. Or at least to easily borrow money. Unfortunately, this is by no means the most advantageous form of borrowing money. Did you know that you have to pay up to 14% in interest on these expensive loans? Merging your loans can be the solution.

Merge loans

Personal loan Revolving credit Miniature
From 4.1% From 4.4% Maximum € 1500, –
Fixed interest variable interest No BKR review
from 21 to 69 years from 21 to 69 years from 21 to 70 years
Payout within 2 days Payout within 2 days Payout within 24 hours
Request a personal loan Request ongoing credit Request mini loan

The combination of loans has several advantages. In addition to the advantage of saving a lot of money, you also create more overview when merging loans. All loans under one roof and also at a lower monthly installment and lower interest rates. This sounds easy, and often it is true. Certainly if you have the merging of the loans arranged for you by a credit intermediary. These credit intermediaries often have lower interest rates than banks such as ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank, a lot lower. In addition, they have an AFM license and they are obliged to act in your interest. Incorporating loans does not cost you money. The advice on borrowing money is always free. Of course it is always wise to request multiple offers. Comparing loans can save you even more.

Merge loans? What do you have to pay attention to?

Actually, merging loans as stated is quite easy. There are 2 things you should really pay attention to. This is firstly the interest rate, and secondly the total costs for the loan. If you keep an eye on this, there is actually not much that can go wrong. These two elements determine what your loan would ultimately cost you.

Merge loans with BKR registration

Borrowing money without BKR testing remains difficult. This is no different when merging loans. Yet there is one big advantage nowadays. And all this thanks to the AFM. If you wish to transfer your loan with a negative registration to the same bank. Then the bank is now obliged to cooperate with this. It is not that they are obliged to make your loan cheaper. But they must at least think along with you. If the bank does not cooperate, they must have a clear reason for this. Incidentally, the merging of the loans is not an obligation for the bank. It is sufficient if they only pay for the loan that runs with them more profitably.

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