Looking for Loan of 2000 euros

Borrowing 2000 euros is a relatively small amount.

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Still, the money can be needed very hard, and banks here are very difficult to do. Good news at 2000 Euro borrowing is that borrowing money without BKR testing and borrowing money with BKR testing is possible. However, you should take into account that borrowing money without BKR testing and registration is generally more expensive than borrowing 2000 Euro with BKR testing.

Borrow 2000 Euro without BKR assessment

Product Max. 1st loan Max. loan amount Max. Duration Deposit To request
 No BKR Assessment € 400, – € 400, – 45 days 24 hours  
 Ferratum Plus loan
No BKR Assessment
€ 400, – € 1.500, – 62 days 24 hours  
 No BKR Assessment € 400, – € 1.500, – 62 days 24 hours  

Let’s start with the variant that is being looked for a lot. Borrow 2000 Euro without BKR assessment. There are several reasons why you may be looking for a loan of 2000 Euro without BKR testing. You may have a negative BKR registration, or you may already have too many loans. Then it is important to find a provider that works without BKR testing and registration. You will then end up with providers of the so-called mini loans. A mini loan is a loan up to a maximum of € 1500, -. These loans have a short term to a maximum of 62 days. Because the providers of a mini-loan are not affiliated with the BKR, they can not perform BKR testing and registration. As a result, 2000 Euro borrowing without BKR testing is still possible with these providers.
In addition, you can of course borrow money from acquaintances or family. They too will not do BKR testing, of course. Borrowing money as temporary worker phase A also turns out to be tricky for the providers of mini-loans.

Is a BKR review no problem for you? Then you can borrow 1500 Euro with BKR assessment, this is many times cheaper than borrowing money without BKR testing. You can then also simply opt for a revolving credit. A revolving credit usually has low interest rates. In addition, in the case of a revolving credit, other than a minus loan, no costs may be charged for the mediation of this loan. You have to take into account that with a revolving credit a minimum limit of € 2.500, – or for some banks even € 5.000, – is required. This does not have to be a problem. You can leave everything you do not need in storage. You do not pay interest on this. In the case of a revolving credit, you only pay interest on the amount you have withdrawn.

Quickly borrow 2000 Euro

If you need the money in the very short term, of course you want to know where you can quickly borrow 2000 Euro. Generally, a mini loan or a revolving credit does not matter much. The money can in the most favorable case within 48 hours on your account. You have to take into account that you also cooperate quickly to provide the data. Of course, the disadvantage is that borrowing at 2000 euros requires two different providers of mini-lifts.