Loans between Individuals

How They Work and How to Stipulate them, which are the best services.

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What are the loans between individual? Furthermore, is they subject to legislative regulation or is it arbitrarily chosen of the person? In fact, in the Italian scenario this topic still has many dark points. As well as ignored. Nor is it given a weight and importance as a real traditional financing. Yet they exist. There are. And they are subject to precise regulations.

Not just a solution in case of complete denial of supply by the bank , or if you find yourself in front of an excessive interest rate .. They are a quick, serious and sure answer. So, to answer if the loans between private individuals are safe, it can be positively affirmed. But only and exclusively in the case that correspond to precise rules. For example: the interest rate must be lower than the usury threshold . Furthermore, whoever lends the sum must declare it to the tax authorities together with the interest rate applied to this sum loaned.

In Italy the Loan between Individuals is a subject almost new. Yet in the United States it is a common practice. So, if you take the path of the loan between Private (whether you are the lender or who gets the sum) it is necessary to pursue the Italian regulation on this area. So that legal duties are exempt but also to avoid probable problems. When you make a Loan between Individuals there are some particularities to pay attention to.

Loans between Individual

Meanwhile, the first information to know is that the Loan between Individuals is not subject to the contract in ” Private Writing “. Not even to the deposit of such agreement with a notary. It is not obligatory, but for your serenity, both as a creditor and as a debtor, it is advisable to carry it out. It is not a question of distrust but of intelligence and healthy behavior.

1- As already mentioned, lending between two private persons is legally binding only if regulated by the legislature.

2-The law , in this case requires that the person making the loan announce the tax to this procedure as well as the rate used. Such as? Through the traditional “Income Statement”. But who receives the sum has the burden of repayment. Pena, the seizure of assets.

3- The sum you will give can not possibly have a usury rate. To ascertain this parameter, at the time of signing the agreement it is sufficient to check the circular issued by the Bank of Italy. You could even calculate it on the internet, but it is wise to see the official document.

4-An extremely quiet road that you can follow, to get a sum, is via online: The ” Social Leading “. These are platforms, online, where you can find not only lenders, but also other people looking for credit. These platforms are subject to continuous and targeted monitoring. Here you can exchange without going through the bank. In total peace of mind as well as in full compliance with the law. 

5-You can also request the sum that you can possibly also serve to those closest to you. As relatives and friends. But the rule of traceability remains. Return the money with a non-transferable check or the traditional bank transfer.

6- To cancel situations of non-return of the sum, as well as cover your shoulders with guarantees in case of this eventuality … it is advisable to write a written agreement. If authenticated by a notary even better. Or, another way, is to ask for the form in Loan bills between individuals.

In fact, the biggest risk is paid by the creditor. Which is exposed to the possibility of not reviewing the sum bestowed. Others yes, those who need a sum of money can find themselves in front of fraudulent creditors. So, the best suggestion is to entrust your request ONLY to people you know. Or, resort to the Social Leading solution. In this case, accept the agreement only and exclusively if the creditor remains within the social network.


To conclude

The Loan between Individuals is also advantageous because its rate of interest is very low, compared to the bank. But it is a safe road only if we pay attention to peculiarities like those described above.