Exchanging a loan – Transfer your loan quickly and inexpensively

Crossing a loan can save you a lot of money.

If you have taken out a loan in the past, it is very likely that you are currently paying too much for your loan. The interest rates are actually falling rapidly. A few years ago, the lowest interest rate for a personal loan was more than 5%. At the moment the lowest interest rate is only 4.1%. That can therefore already be a considerable saving. A loan transfer is also simple and often free of charge. Borrowing money costs money, but it is becoming cheaper.

Exchanging a loan

Crossing a loan is easy. You can decide yourself for whom you will apply for your loan. Of course it is wise to choose the provider with the lowest interest rate. When transferring a personal loan, there is still one point for attention. This is that you have to pay close attention to whether a fine will be charged when the loan is repaid early.

Override credit

There are major differences with revolving credit . The interest rate is variable and many banks have abused this in the past. They have slowly but surely increased interest rates by 0.2 or 0.3 percent at a time. As a result, many consumers started at an interest rate of 6.9%, but now pay 10% or even more. It is therefore possible to generate a large amount of money through a loan transfer. With many consumers, too little attention is paid to the current interest rate and the benefit to be gained. The consumer usually behaves as a dormant consumer and they let the loan out of convenience just as it is.

Transfer personal loan

Crossing a personal loan can be a good option. Especially now that interest rates are low. The interest on a personal loan is currently 4.1%. So you can certainly benefit from this. The expectation that the interest rate will continue to fall much further is small. The advantage with the personal loan is of course that you also get a new fixed rate. Do you not know whether it is cheaper? Then have your personal loan transferred to a credit intermediary. They are the party where money borrowing is possible at 4.1%.

Cross a mini-loan

Reverse a mini-loan because you are almost at the end date for repayment? Then it is time to transfer your mini loan to a revolving credit or a personal loan. The disadvantage is that you have already made the high costs for the loan. You will not get anything from this. In addition, the disadvantage is that a mini loan often lends money without BKR testing within 10 minutes . If you want to close your mini-loan then you often run into the negative BKR registration. Keep in mind that as a result, you can probably only have a mini loan that you can borrow through private money.

Redeem interest rate credit

If you have an interest credit, you probably have it for several years. The big advantage of an interest credit is of course the low monthly installment. This also has a downside. You only pay interest and of course you also want to cancel your loan. To make this possible you will have to pay more per month. There may well be a big advantage in interest rates. There are many interest credits with very high interest rates. For a small extra you are likely to have a reduction in your interest credit.
An option here may be to partially close your loan. Below we would like to tell you more about this.

Exchanging loan without BKR assessment

If you have a loan where you have incurred a negative BKR registration, your loan will not be easy. In fact, it is almost impossible to transfer your loan for a credit with a nice low interest rate. Yet there are still some possibilities nowadays. Banks are obliged to comply with their duty of care. Whether you borrow money with BKR testing, or borrow money without making BKR assessment possible, does not matter. The bank where you currently have the loan therefore has this obligation. You can call on them to find out what the possibilities are to make your loan cheaper. Please note that extra money in hands is not possible.

Redeem part of the loan

If you currently have a credit that you are not satisfied with, because you can not get rid of it. For example with an interest credit, it may also be possible to transfer part of this loan. You could choose to partially have your interest credit or revolving credit partially settled by a personal loan. In this way you will at least be sure that you will actually reduce part of your loan. The other part of the loan that you already have running, simply continues to exist as it is now. A credit advisor can help you make the right choice. That does not have to cost extra. Advice about borrowing money is always free.