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Comparing loans , it seems so obvious, but not everyone does it apparently.

compare loans

Did you know that 80% of the Dutch have an overpriced loan? Where we scour the Internet to buy as cheap as possible, this is apparently different for loans. Why are we not strong in comparing loans and closing the most advantageous offer? What makes sure we are not always happy with the best proposal? Can borrowing money also be cheap money?

Compare loans

Personal loan Revolving credit Miniature
From 4.1% From 4.4% Maximum € 1500, –
Fixed interest variable interest No BKR review
from 21 to 69 years from 21 to 69 years from 21 to 70 years
Payout within 2 days Payout within 2 days Payout within 24 hours
Request a personal loan Request ongoing credit Request mini loan

Comparing the goal of lending seems easy. The point is that you are going to take out the cheapest loan. Yet there is more for you to get when comparing loans. It is important to realize that the advice for borrowing money is free. Taking out a personal loan or taking out an ongoing loan makes no difference. Advice for borrowing money is always free. This is laid down in law (WCK). So let others compare loans for you. Request different offers and see where you can borrow money cheaply.

Compare loans? Keep doing this!

Even if you have taken out the loan, then it is important to compare loans. Take a few minutes every year to check whether your loan is still an advantageous loan. Or are there other providers that are cheaper? Perhaps new banks have arrived that are cheaper. Investing one hour per year can generate hundreds of euros per year.

Comparing loans does not cost you anything

An important point that we would like to mention again separately is that the advice for borrowing money is always free. This is included in the Consumer Credit Act . Credit intermediaries are rewarded by the banks and may not charge you any costs. If costs are charged for the credit, you can report this to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, they will then deal with your complaint and take action on your complaints.

Comparing loans without BKR testing

Do you have a BKR registration and do you want to compare loans without BKR testing? Then you have a challenge. Borrowing money without BKR testing is almost impossible. The only form in which this is still possible is in the form of a mini-loan . Minors are the only parties that can not do any testing and registration with the BKR.